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Competition Rules

  1. The competition of the IMOCG consists of four rounds. After a preliminary selection on the basis of an audio recording, three public rounds will take place on the organs in Loppersum and in the Akerk and Martinikerk in Groningen.
  2. In the preliminary round a maximum of 35 audio recordings will be reviewed. Admission to this round is in the order of registration. Out of these recordings the jury will select twelve participants for the first round in Groningen.
  3. The jury for the preliminary round consists of:
    Cor Ardesch
    Theo Jellema
    Laurens de Man (winner of the IMOCG in 2017)
  4. The jury for the three rounds in Groningen consists of:
    Bernard Foccroulle (chairman) (Belgium)
    Monica Melcova (Slovakia)
    Matthias Havinga (Netherlands)
    Vincent Thévenaz (Switzerland)
    Ville Urponen (Finland)
  5. The names of the twelve competitors will be announced before 1 May 2024..
  6. After the first public round in Groningen six competitors will be selected for the second round; after the second round (the semi-finals) three competitors will be selected for the finale.
  7. The final result will be announced after the jury deliberation and cannot be challenged.
  8. The identity and sequence of the competitors in the three public rounds will be known to the audience and jury.
  9. Jury members will refrain from voting for their own pupils or former pupils.
  10. The organization is responsible for providing registration assistants
  11. The organization will arrange accommodation for the selected competitors.
  12. The organization claims the rights of any recordings made.
  13. The following prizes will be awarded:
    1st prize 5000 euro, provided by the Prins Claus Conservatory
    2nd prize 3000 euro, provided by Foundation A. De Jager heirs
    3rd prize 2000 euro, provided by Foundation ‘Groningen Orgelland’
    Extra prize 1500 Euro (‘Groningen Talent Prize’)
  14. The prize-winners will receive invitations for organ recitals in the Netherlands.
  15. The competition is open to professional organists or organ students born after 31 December 1988.