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Opening concert IMOCG 2024

Opening concert IMOCG 2024

Opening concert IMOCG 2024

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In the opening concert of this third edition of the International Martini Organ Competition Groningen everything revolves around the cornetto, the historical wooden wind instrument. In sixteenth-century Western Europe, the cornetto was the pacesetter at every musical event: a party was not a party if it did not include a cornetto player. The Swiss wind quartet Les Cornets Noirs includes two cornetti, so party is guaranteed at this concert.
With the program ‘Venetiaanse Pracht’ (‘Venetian Splendor’) the four wind musicians play the entire space of the Martinikerk and also make music in accompaniment with the two organs that are in this church: organists Leo van Doeselaar and Erwin Wiersinga play on both the large Martini organ and the recently restored choir organ.

Standard €27,50
Youth up to the age of 29 €12,50

Les Cornets Noirs: Frithjof Smith and Adrien Mabire (cornetti), Henning Wiegräbe (trombone) and Jérémie Papasergio (bassoon).
Leo van Doeselaar and Erwin Wiersinga (organ).



Giovanni Gabrieli (1557 – 1612) – Canzon XII
Canzoni et sonate, Venezia 1615

Gregorio Allegri (1582 – 1652) – Canzone à 4 Stromenti
ms: Katholische Universität Eichstädt

Giovanni Gabrieli – Duodecimus Tonus
Tabulaturbuch Bernard Schmid d.J., Strassburg 1607
Erwin Wiersinga, organ

Giovanni Paolo Cima (ca. 1570 – 1630) – Sonata à 4
Concerti ecclesiastici, Milano 1610
Violino e violone, Cornetto e trombone

Claudio Merulo (1533-1604) – Toccata ottavo tuono
Toccate d’Intavolatura d’Organo Libro secondo, Roma 1604
Leo van Doeselaar, organ

Giovanni Valentini (1582/3 – 1649) – Sonata à 4
ms: Murhard’sche Bibliothek, Kassel

Philipp Friedrich Bödecker (1607 – 1683) – Sonata sopra La Monica
Sacra partitura, Strassburg 1651
Fagotto solo

Gioseffo Guami (1542 – 1611) – Canzon Vigesimaquarta
Canzoni per sonare con ogni sorte di stromenti, Venezia 1608

Andrea Gabrieli (ca. 1533-1585) – Intonazione dell’ottavo tono
uitgave Angelo Gardano, Venezia 1593-1608
Leo van Doeselaar, organ

Francesco Usper (1561 – 1641) – Canzon prima à 8
Compositione armoniche, Venezia 1619


Biagio Marini (1594 – 1663) – Passacalio à 3. & à 4.
Sonate da Chiesa e da Camera
Opera XXII, Venezia 1655
Les Cornets Noirs accompanied by the choir organ

Bastiano Chilese (17e eeuw) – XXXI. Canzon in Echo
Canzoni per sonare con ogni sorte di stromenti, Venezia 1608
Les Cornets Noirs in the choir, echoing the Martini organ

Heinrich Scheidemann (ca. 1595-1663) – Orgelintavolatie (“auff 2 Clavir Pedaliter”) van Motet‘Benedicam Dominum’ van Hieronymus Praetorius WV 48    
Lüneburger Orgeltabulatur KN209 (1634)
Erwin Wiersinga, organ

Francesco Cavalli (1602 – 1676) – Sonata à 4
Musiche sacre, Venezia 1656

Andrea Gabrieli – Secundus Tonus
Tabulaturbuch Bernard Schmid d.J., Strassburg 1607
Erwin Wiersinga, organ

Lodovico da Viadana (ca. 1560 – 1627) – Canzon francese in risposta
Cento concerti ecclesiastici, op. XII, Venezia 1602

Johann Staden (1581 – 1634) – XXX. Sonata
2. Cant: & 2. Baß.
Operum musicorum posthumorum, Nürnberg 1643

Benedetto Re (17e eeuw) – Canzon à 4.
Accomodata a suonare a cuoi chori, Mailand 1609



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Sunday 28 July, 2024 @ 15:00

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